At Lino Publishing & Communications, we handle all the stages of publishing, including editing the manuscript, creating the book, publication and even distribution. Therefore, our clients just need to submit their manuscripts to us and relax, while we make them best-selling authors through our top quality services. Some of the items we publish nevertheless include the following;

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Children literature
  • Academic publications
  • Poetry, etc.

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Distribution of published works

We do not just publish material, but we are also experts in the distribution of published works. Thus, we help authors promote, market and distribute their books in various forms, including eBooks, audio books and printed (PDF) copies. More so, we can obtain an ISBN in a bid to ease the process of marketing, control stocks and prevent pirating.


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Assist businesses in accomplishing: Administrative tasks, Communications, Bookkeeping

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Publishing manuscripts fiction and non-fiction, Children literature, Academic publications
Distribution and promotion of books through ebooks, print and audio books

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