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Lino Publishing & Communications also specializes in corporate communications. Our creative team will design and oversee the implementation of communication activities like business fairs, seminars, trade fairs, and other networking activities that are geared towards improving the image and giving more visibility to companies. We therefore focus on creating logos, slogans, websites as well as other promotional gadgets such as customized T-shirts, brochures, umbrellas, etc. for companies.

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Webinars and course literature

We also add value to many activities by organizing webinars as well as making course literatures available for tutorials. Therefore, we can simply sell creative ideas that will result in growth to early startups who do not yet have enough capital to purchase expertise services

Does changing schools affect the child?

Contributed by...

A simple recipe for peanuts

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The Reward of a Plate of food

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Passenger becomes carrots seller to avoid police harassment.

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Respect Knows No Gender


Lino Customer Service & Personnel training

We are geared at promoting the best customer service experience for the growth of enterprises. The program includes tutorials on:

Etiquette training, Customer service 101, Personality trying, Team building, Commitment and loyalty issues.

Lino Motivational Speakers

Professionals gift talks on a variety of subjects:


Skill building


Translating hobbies into professions

Empowerment discourses

Promoting education of girls

Peaceful coexistence

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Distribution and promotion of books through ebooks, print and audio books

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