Inequality: the blemish on human progress

Inequality is a blemish to humanity’s claim of progress but the history of human civilization is paved with the corpses of the masses whom society conveniently attributed inhuman traits to in order to assuage its guilt. Let’s take a glimpse at slavery, especially the...

Brave New World: Surviving Covid-19

Aldous Huxley projected a dystopian society wherein the technological revolution had changed humanity's outlook of life. Many people have a bleak perspective of life today mainly because of the ravages of the Coronavirus that has become the silent enemy that we only...


Contributed by Nicholine Akou Trauma refers to a psychological and emotional retort to a devastating occurrence that took place sometime ago and the memories live afresh in the life of the victim through flashbacks. Incidents such as accident, long hospitalization,...

Late Ekema Patrick Receives State Burial In Buea

Late Ekema Patrick Receives State Burial In Buea

Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel EKEMA PATRICK ESUNGE (1976 – 2019) The Hercules of Our Time The former Mayor of Buea in the South West region of Cameroon, Late Ekema Patrick Esunge has been laid to rest after a State funeral ceremony that held at the Buea Independence...

Five Popular Money Making Blog Post Ideas

Contributed by Emiliene Alemkeng It is a certainty that making money niche is one of the most popular and most demanding among all niches. Due to its popularity and competition, it is necessary to always verify and pick the most traffic driving ideas to develop your...


Contributed by Nicholine Akou Career satisfaction is the spirit of contentment which arises from a worker’s job. The worker feels accomplished with what he/ she has been doing over a period of time. Research has shown that a lot of workers are not satisfied neither...

A South African Wins Miss Universe 2019

A South African Wins Miss Universe 2019

Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel For the fifth time in the history of one of the world’s biggest pageant, a Black woman is Miss Universe.  South African Zozibini  Tunzi was crowned Miss Universe on Sunday night in Atlanta, Georgia after successfully going through rounds...

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