About Lino Publishing and Communications

Lino Publishing & Communications is a full service publishing and communications company with its Headquarters in Douala, Cameroon. Having been legally registered, we are driven by the passion to not only help authors stand out while carving a niche for themselves, but to also assist corporate entities to build great brands that can withstand this current competitive business world. Some of our services therefore include, but are not limited to publishing, corporate communications (Public Relations & Advertising), as well as tour guide services.

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Publishing manuscripts fiction and non-fiction
Children literature
Academic publications
Distribution and promotion of books through ebooks, print and audio books

Corporate Communication

Corporate communication seminars
Refresher courses and tutorials
Provision of ads for businesses and brands
Provision of models for ads
Provision of office supplies

Talent Management

Talent promotion and representation
Talent Tutorials and seminars
Talent fairs
Sale of movie scripts

About US

Lino Publishing & Communications is a full service publishing and communications company with its Headquarters in Douala, Cameroon. Having been legally registered, we are driven by the passion to not only help authors stand out while carving a niche for themselves, but to also assist corporate entities to build great brands that can withstand this current competitive business world. Some of our services therefore include, but are not limited to publishing, corporate communications (Public Relations & Advertising), as well as tour guide services.


We are fully aware of the challenges most authors in developing countries face when it comes to getting their works published and that’s exactly why we are working passionately to bridge that gap. Also, the role of effective branding and publicity to any business can never be overemphasized. Thus, we are continually striving hard to simplify publishing as well as corporate branding, and make them stress-free through our world class services.


Even though we are a relatively new company, we have successfully developed a reasonable network of clients who greatly appreciate our services. We are actually the perfect company to work with because our professionals carry out full research to ensure that all works published through us are of international standards. Rest assured, we will go through many steps to make your publications and corporate branding satisfactory without putting you through any stress. Our mission is nevertheless to become a leading publishing and communications company and that explains why we are continually striving to exceed our customers’ expectations in value and high standard of satisfaction. Of course, we want to become the publishing/communications company of choice to individuals, institutions and other entities.

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Why Hire Us?

Lino Publishing & Communications is a leading full service company that specializes in publishing, public relations & advertising as well as tour guide services. Apparently, we are unique, goal oriented and reliable and this explains why we have been able to build a wide range of clients over a relatively short time. Our uniqueness can, however, be explained by the following factors;

1| Highly professional staff

At Lino Publishing & Communication, we have a highly skilled and professional team who have all amassed years of experience in publishing, public relations and advertising. Our experts will therefore work with you to meet your unique needs in publishing and advertising. Therefore, if you are working with us, rest assured you are in the hands of the best experts in the field who will commit themselves to see to it that your publishing or communication activities go smoothly without any hitches.

3| Affordability

Our pricing policy is also one of the reasons that have endeared our clients to stay true and loyal to us. Unlike other publishing and communications companies, our services are relatively affordable. The truth is we are flexible and can always negotiate the best prices with our clients. Oh well! What’s more beautiful than to obtain top quality services that are game changers at relatively affordable prices?


2| Efficiency and high rates of success

Another reason why our company is picking up steadily is the fact that we are efficient as we work hard to meet the needs of our clients. Unlike other publishing and communications companies, we accept only the jobs we can handle while ensuring that we deliver fast and promptly. This is however eminent by the number of referrals we keep getting.


4| Excellent customer services

It is evident that an excellent customer service matters more than price in a business as it builds trust and brand awareness. Well, we have a world class and dedicated customer service staff which are ever eager to respond to the queries, concerns, and questions of clients. Besides, we believe in customer satisfaction and we always put our clients first since they are QUEENS and KINGS. Thus, we regularly survey our clients in a bid to continuously monitor our standards of performance.




Lum is a lecturer in the University of Douala. With a PhD in British literary studies and a
passion for the arts which are major motivation factors behind the creation of this enterprise.
With a terminal degree in liberation discourses orchestrated by the contravention of norms
(Romanticism, Lord Byron and Postmodernism, Carol Ann Duffy), she is constantly
advocating for the rights of women and other marginalised groups. Art as a medium of
emancipation is an incessant drive that only keeps growing. Dr Lum is a novelist, poet, editor
motivational speaker and talent promoter who have made it her life’s mission to project art as
a vessel of emancipation.

Dr Mary Louisa Lum

Founder and Managing Editor, Lino Publishing and Communications

Dynamic and motivated by a vision of women’s emancipation through entrepreneurial
initiatives, she has worked in Cameroon’s Human Rights Commission and is the founder of
Cameroon Association for the Economic Emancipation of Women (CAMSEEW). She has a
background in communications and gender studies with a Master’s Degree from Lund
University, Sweden. A great manager and frugal individual, she brings to the table vast
experience in communications and people management.

Mrs. Suh Edelquine Manka Nchang

CEO, Lino Publishing and Communications

Mbang Boniface Ngvuma is an experienced Operations and organizational manager. As a
Chief Operations Officer, his goals include customers’ satisfaction, provision of high quality
services and personnel duty overview. In addition to his primary functions, Mbang has been
recognized by Nolanga Study Centre for his extraordinary commitment to write, coordinate
and realize projects. Mbang’s passion for managerial functions can be traced back to 2013
where he spent time realizing public contracts and ensuring satisfaction of clientele from
different origins. He finds pleasure in poetry, music and drama.

Mr Mbang Boniface Ngvuma,

Chief Operating Officer, Lino Publishing and Communications

Ms. Nesi is a budding actress with a passion for the arts. As the third child from a family of
seven, she had an audience for her talent at a very tender age. Born in Nigeria but raised in
Cameroon, Ms. Nesi grew up in Limbe where she attended primary and secondary school.
She has a first degree is English from the Department of English and Foreign Language, University of Douala. She acts, sings and writes
and is invested in self-growth.

Ms. Jenifer Nesi

Talent Manager, Lino Publishing and Communications

Ms. Solange Chin was born in the North West Region of Cameroon. She has a first degree in Bilingual letters and teaches English at Institute Supérieur du Génie Thermique et Energique de Douala (ISGTE). Solange is an aspiring actress with a passion for the creative Arts and farming.

Ms. Solange Chin

Head Of Customer Service, Lino Publishing and Communications

Nicholine Akou was born in BU- village from the North West Region of Cameroon. She attended Cameroon Baptist convention primary school, Government High school Tiko and she holds a B.A in Literature in English from the University of Buea. Miss Akou is interested in feminist’s activism and it has always been her desire to make a contribution to the community through her art and community service.

Ms Nicholine Akou

Office Manager, Lino Publishing and Communications

Lambert Leinyuy Wirdze Shiyntum, PhD, is a cognitive cultural constructivist and freelance university lecturer within the field of Educational Psychology, with the Cameroon universities like University of Buea, University of Bamnenda, Meridian Global Uniersity, Buea, and Copperstone University, Zambia. He is a certified researcher in Social Sciences and Humanities (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia). He is affiliated to the Centre for Research on Child and Family Development and Education (CRCFDE), Limbe, Cameroon and a member of the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD) and Cameroon Psychological Association (CPA).

Mr Lambert Leinyuy Wirdze Shiyntum, PHD

Director of Academic publications, Lino Publishing and Communications

Ms. Emiliene Alemkeng was born in the South West Region of Cameroon and is a final year student in the university of Douala, studying Bilingual Letters. Ms. Alemkeng is enthusiastic about writing and acting and has appeared in several Cameroonian movies. She dreams of making the world a better place through the powerful medium of art. She believes everyone can be a change maker and in her own words the journey to effect social change starts with 'fixing your own bed'


Ms. Emiliene Alemkeng

Social Media Manager, Lino Publishing and Communications

Our Mission

Although we live in a digital age wherein publishing and communications are supposedly easy, many people in Sub Saharan African still find it difficult to disseminate their ideas and visions to a larger global audience. This disenfranchisement is a handicap because it stifles creativity and initiative. Lino publishing and communications seeks to create an outlet for writers struggling to showcase their art to the world by providing a platform where authors are given the best representation and protected from exploitative practices. The provisions of publishing and communications services represent our core mission.

Lino Publishing is an empowering platform for marginalised voices especially the creative voices of women who still struggling to find an accommodating space that can nourish their inspiration without censor. We believe that every creative mind should have the opportunity to show the world their beautiful thoughts, which underscores our raison d’etre. Through this medium, our writers will have the opportunity to concentrate on their creativity without preoccupations about dissemination.

We believe that art has the power to emancipate the marginalised which is why investing in the authors becomes a priority. Our packages are author friendly and seek to create a community that inspires and encourages writers to bring their visions to fruition. We also offer communication packages in terms of corporate refresher courses and tutorials, ad production and dissemination, social media presence, virtual assistance and consultancy.


The objectives of Lino Publishing and Communications include but are not limited to the following:

• Publication and distribution of books and related merchandise through print and virtual media

• We guide our authors through the different parts of publishing from editing to proofing, formatting, illustrations and more.

• Offer communications guide to enterprises through refresher courses and tutorials, ad production and distribution as well as strategizing on future relevance.

• Media communications is part of our long term plans, to provide news and entertainment that reflects a true vision of Africa.

• Also, as a one stop shop for writers, we sell services like research assistance, promotion and marketing.

• We also have agents on board to represent and help writers get speaking fees and other related gigs.

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Publishing manuscripts fiction and non-fiction, Children literature, Academic publications
Distribution and promotion of books through ebooks, print and audio books

Publishing & Communication

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