Contributed by Brandy Tankeng

Skin types vary and each type has its unique maintenance methods. Treating a skin type with the wrong therapy can lead to irritation, breakouts and premature aging. Skin types are classified according to factors relating to its balance which are sebaceous secretion, hydration and sensitivity level. It is very important to know your skin type and the easiest therapies. Test for skin type: wash your face with lukewarm water and dab with a clean towel or cloth then sit and wait for 5-10 minutes, if it becomes oily then you have an oily skin, if its dry , you have dry skin and so on. We all have different types of skin, oily skin, dry skin a combination of both and Normal skin.

Oily Skin
You know you have oily skin when the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin are always oily and shiny. Oily skin results from sebaceous glands in the skin producing large amounts of oil. It is advisable that a person with oily skin should wash his/her face regularly with warm water and use a gentle soap, pat dry the face with a soft towel and moisturize it with an oil free moisturizer. Avoid cleansing the face too much.

Dry Skin
This skin type produces less sebum than normal skin making it feel tight and rough. To know that you have dry skin you will realise that your skin is rough in texture, cracks, flaky and sensitive. To take care of a skin like this, take short baths of about 5-10 minutes not more than once a day, use gentle soaps and cleansers, dry your skin gently with a clean towel and apply moisturizer immediately.

Dry and Oily Skin
With this type of skin, you find dry patches and oily areas like the forehead, nose and chin while other parts are dry like the cheeks. It is a bit difficult to take care of this skin type, so we can use the divide and conquer technique which implies that one has to take care of the parts differently. This is because products for dry skin will cause harm for oily skin and vice versa. It is advisable to use emollients and stay hydrated for the dry areas while for the oily areas, use lightweight water-based products.

Normal Skin
This is well-balanced skin which is scientifically called Eudermic. The sebum and moisture is balance and blood circulation is good. It is neither too oily nor too dry. The skin texture is smooth and less sensitive. A person with this kind of skin type need not bother too much because it is very easy to take care of. Normal cleansing routine; wash your face clean with warm water, pat dry with a clean towel, moisturize and apply sunscreen.
Self care is important and knowing your skin type enables you to know the best care regiments. Learning about your skin type helps you to know the different natural/artificial products that you are allergic to. In case of doubt get expert advice from a dermatologist. Kindly share your thoughts on skin types to keep the conversation going.