Aldous Huxley projected a dystopian society wherein the technological revolution had changed humanity’s outlook of life. Many people have a bleak perspective of life today mainly because of the ravages of the Coronavirus that has become the silent enemy that we only used to encounter in Hollywood apocalyptic movies. Staying at home, social distancing, washing hands constantly, and/or using sanitizer and sneezing into the elbow are the safety guidelines that we must follow or die.

This reality is so movie-worthy that we could make associations with some of the bloodcurdling thrillers. Most of the Dracula movies, for example, showcase people living in fear of a monster and can only survive if they are indoors before sunset, sleep with wreaths of garlic around their necks, board up the windows, and have many holy relics around.

Yet, like in these movies, some people still doubt the existence of the coronavirus even against the reality of thousands of deaths worldwide. Human civilization has suffered from numerous challenges from its infancy to present with pandemics claiming as many lives as some of the great wars. Staying safe and being socially responsible should be regarded as a heroic thing to do. Health is wealth and with health we can do anything.

Stay safe, stay home, wash your hands.

This too shall come to pass