Contributed Nkafu Gabriel

The Cameroon Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji has signed an order dismissing a third class traditional ruler of Mesakuba in Yaoundé 3 district, Mfoudi division of the Centre region of Cameroon.

The traditional ruler whose name we got as Paul Marie Biloa Effa is said to have been dismissed for the following reasons:

  • Incitement and instigation to insurgents in Cameroon.
  • Insubordination towards administrative authorities in Cameroon.
  • Active participation in forbidden public manifestations.

The traditional ruler who is also an executive member of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) of Prof. Maurice Kamto has described the decision as a violation of the law. While talking to the press, Chief Biloa Effa explained that according to the law, in such a situation, a call to order must first be given to the person concerned. If not followed, then a three months suspension is issued before coming to the option of relieving the person in question from their duties if all previous warnings were ignored.

According to Chief Biloa Effa , he did not receive any warnings from the Minister who decided to relieve him of his duties as traditional ruler of that part of the City of Yaoundé.

In Africa and in Cameroon in particular where the rite of succession is most often than not hereditary, traditional rulers are expected to be held in very high regard. The minister’s decision therefore comes as a surprise to many who hitherto did not know that African traditional rulers considered Custodians of the tradition and believed to be chosen by God (the gods), can be dismissed or even designated.