Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Career satisfaction is the spirit of contentment which arises from a worker’s job. The worker feels accomplished with what he/ she has been doing over a period of time. Research has shown that a lot of workers are not satisfied neither are they happy with what they are doing due to poor working condition, difficulties in adapting to their new environment and many other factors resulting to low productivity. As an employee, you ought to have satisfaction from what you do for your own safety because a lot of people have developed hypertension, depression and alienate themselves because they are not excited about their jobs. Below are few tips for you to attain career satisfaction.

Love what you do not what you earn: when you love your job deeply and not the income, you will always be ready to work efficiently no matter what the condition may be.  It is risky to pick up a job just for the income because the people who are benefiting in your area of duty will suffer a great loss in case they are shortages. Anyone who loves his/her job will be ready to make things right even in the middle of a storm and the end result will be the happiness of fulfilling’s his/her duty resourcefully. So, love your job.

Create a good relationship with your boss and coworkers: As an employee, the relationship you have with your boss and coworkers matters a lot. A good relationship with them helps you grow in your career as you turn to learn more from them on things which seem difficult to understand. But when you don’t get along with them, the atmosphere may be very unconducive for you to work in and you might end up leaving your job. Therefore in order for you to be satisfied with your job, make sure you get along with your colleagues and your boss.

Initiate new techniques: Initiating new methods of working is very important. For sure, doing the same thing over and over becomes very boring at times. Bring in new ways to do that same task in a shorter and more productive way. At the end of the day, you might end up melting the hearts of your boss and your colleagues and equally increase the profit margin of the company which could gain you a promotion.

Increase your productivity: you can equally gain fulfilment in your job when you increase your level of productivity. When you do a particular job for some time and your productivity instead starts plummeting, it means you don’t actually love what you do or you don’t simply want to grow which is a bad idea for any worker. Any business that is set up is to make profit and for the business to grow. So, do your best for your own satisfaction.

Accept challenges: You can’t always expect perfection all the times. Things can go wrong with your relationship with your boss or colleagues or the task you have been struggling to do keeps failing over and over but that should not stop you for moving forward. Keep trying and you will one day accomplish that task. Your endurance shows how much you love your job and that’s how you can derive satisfaction.

It is true that there are a several ways to attain career satisfaction but the few points mentioned above can help you enjoy your job and be comfortable. Share your struggles or opinions at the comment section below to help someone who is depress from his/her job.

                                                                                Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng