Contributed by Emiliene Alemkeng

It is a certainty that making money niche is one of the most popular and most demanding among all niches. Due to its popularity and competition, it is necessary to always verify and pick the most traffic driving ideas to develop your content on. One will say there are unlimited post ideas on this niche and I won’t dispute that rather, I will ask if all those ideas are traffic yielding. How many people research on those topics daily? Below are the first five topics on money making blog post ideas I find super demanding and popular.

How to make money online

With an idea like making money online in mind, you will outline so many ideas from which your followers will find interesting. These vary from, online jobs, growing business online, online promotion, mobile apps, E-books, courses and much more. If you develop your blog post from one of the numerous ideas above, rest assured that your followers will be satisfied and new ones will come in great number.

How to make money through blogging

Mainly bloggers are the ones that come for post that are developed from this topic. However, with the increase of bloggers in the world, there is no need to complain. On the contrary, having a blogger as your follower and admirer is a plus to your blog. Lots of bloggers venture in to blogging of course for profit but their main issues is always on the possibilities of making the money. Educate, give courses, tips and others on affiliate marketing and other online blog marketing strategies.

Online scamming

As maniac as this is, a lot of people still research on this topic more than one can imagine. Some research on how to scam in various domains in order to practice the act and some just research to know in order to stay safe. Like they say knowledge is power. So, if you have the knowledge, you can explore this domain for your blog.

Loan and financing

This topic is very vast and millions of people are out there searching for solutions so if you are an expert in this domain, seize the opportunity. When brainstorming, think of topics on helping people get loan, guiding business beginners, giving student loan guide, mortgage help, commercial loan and others.

Social media techniques

Social media pages are easy to manage but where a lot of people encounter difficulties is on how to monetize their pages. With the knowledge you have on this domain coupled with a little research; you can create blog posts that answer their questions. Brainstorm on topics like, making money through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others.

With the above in mind, you can be certain that you will be able to create satisfactory blog posts on making money online and make your own money. Subscribe, leave a comment or suggestions while not wishes below.

                                                                                          Edited by Nicholine Akou