Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel

Exactly two months to the February 9, 2020 twin elections in Cameroon, Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) has published lists of parties running for the legislative elections in the 58 divisions of the country. The lists were made public on Monday night, hours after the time initially announced to be released.

According to the statistics presented by the Board Chair of ELECAM Enow Abrams Egbe, 451 lists were validated and 19 turned down out of the 470 presented by 35 political parties. The ruling CPDM is prepared to run in virtually all constituencies.

Focus is on the restive North West and South West regions where it is still very unclear to many how the elections will possibly hold given the security situation.

In the North West region, six political parties will take part in the elections. The ruling CPDM of Paul Biya and the main opposition, the SDF of John Fru Ndi will run in all seven divisions – Boyo, Bui, Donga Mantung, Menchum, Mezam, Momo and Ngoketunjia. The UDP of El Hadj Lawan Bako will run in six divisions excluding Momo. The others NADP will run in Donga Mantung, OPDC and BRIC in Mezam.

In the South West region, only three parties, the CPDM, SDF and CDP will run in the elections. Even so, only the ruling CPDM is set to run in all six divisions of Fako, Kupe Manengouba, Lebialem, Manyu, Meme and Ndian. The SDF will run in Fako, Kupe Manengouba, Lebialem and Manyu. The CDP will run only in Lebialem division.

It is however astonishing that in the South West, Lebialem arguably considered the most dreaded

of all the divisions in the region is the only division where more than two parties will run in the elections.

The lists have now been made public and candidates have a maximum of two days to make any appeals.