Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Fighting and quarreling amongst your kids is very dangerous as they can end up hurting each other or destroying properties at home. Some even carry along the habits to schools and their parents are summon all the time for their children’s misbehaviors. So, it is important to look for an appropriate means to stop your kids from fighting and instill integrity in them. Likewise, the few pointsbelow can enable you to control your children’s temperament and reduce the rate of fighting in your home.

Establish family rules: setting family rules is very necessary in your home and you have to make sure these rules are strictly followed. There should be various forms of punishment associated to various crimes. By so doing, they will struggle to control their temperament because they understand that any misbehavior has a reprimand for it. Make it clear, no shouting, no insults and hitting towards each other.

Know when to step in:  it is true that fighting and quarreling will always occur in your home especially between the younger and the older kids. Sometimes the older kids gradually develops hatred for the younger one because he/she thinks all the attention and love has been given to the younger kid. So, when a quarrel begins, stay quiet for some time and allow them express their emotions and when it seems to be escalating, you then step in so as to avoid the point of them getting into a fight.

 You should not scold your older kids in front of the younger ones:  reprimanding older kids in front of the younger ones is very precarious in the lives of your children. This is because you take away the older children’s dignity and the younger children disrespect them in all aspect which is an opportunity for them to quarrel and fight all the times. It is better to have a discussion with your older children separately perhaps they might see reasons with you not to reacts to certain behaviors coming from their younger ones.   

Give them tasks together: giving them tasks together is very important because it will bond them. Let them know they need each other to succeed and the best way they can do that is to get along. As often as they spend time together, the higher probability of them getting along and reducing the rate of quarreling and fighting.

Reward them for good behaviors: appreciate and reward your kids when they are getting along with each other. This will motivate them to stay away from bad behaviors. You can buy candies, prepare their favorite dishes, a pair of shoes, clothes or even just telling them that you are very proud of them with regards to their good behavior they have put up lately.

The five points above are not the only ways to stop your kids from fighting but are equally the easiest ways for me for it has worked between I and my siblings. There is no harm in trying them too and I hope you will leave your opinion or a testimony at the comment section below.

                                                                                  Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng