Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Raising kids in today’s society is one of the biggest burden on parents. Some parents find it difficult while others completely neglect the aspect of having a serious talk on realistic issues with their kids. Most importantly, female kids are always and easily victimized which is very necessary for parents to open their minds as they are growing up in order for them to know when and how to protect themselves from the ills of the society. Some of the rascals causing nuisance to the community is as a result of some parents not fulfilling their responsibilities on what is expected of the child morally, spiritually, physically, financially and more.  Likewise, having a discussion on the few points below with your little girl is a good form of preservation.

Let her know her value: teach your little girl to know her worth and accept herself the way she is. Make her know she is beautiful and unique in all her dealings. By doing so, your baby girl grows with a lot of confidence and courage to face whatever situation life brings forth. She is ready to defend herself within her mates at all times without any inferiority complex. Thus, educate your girl on her worth.

Appreciation: appreciation is very vital in the life of your daughter. When you teach her to be grateful with what she has and what she receives from people, the spirit of containment automatically grows in her. When she shows sense of gratitude, she equally portrays an aspect of understanding that those things are gotten through hard work and appreciating people’s effort is a good thing to do. Therefore, teach your daughter to show gratitude towards the kindness she receives.

Sex talk: this is a topic most African parents are shy to talk about with their daughters which is very vital as she is gradually turning into a woman. Explain to her what happens when she is a toddler, teenager and an adult and equally tell her how she should react when men start approaching her. Impart in her the positive and negative impact on sex. With this knowledge, she grows up to be a fearless woman and this will also help you to reduce stress as the thought of her getting diseases, unwanted pregnancy and more will not be any of your problems.

Environment: the environment you live in matters a lot in the life of your little girl. Teach her to understand her milieu so that she should not be strengthened when she steps out. Let her know the good and the bad happening around that locality rather than just telling her not to go out, not to have this particular group of friends when you have not given her a tangible reason for doing so.

Accountability: accountability is an essential point which can’t be left out. Teach your little girl to be accountable in all her dealings. What she does, how she did it, when she did it, for whom did she do it and more. By imparting the spirit of accountability in her, she habitually grows up to be a responsible woman.

It will be a pleasant thing to do having a conversation with your daughter on the points discussed above. It is equally true that no one knows the heart of a child or what a child can turn into likewise, it is important for us to play our roles as parents in order to be blameless when vices show up in the life of the child. So, do your best and allow God to handle the rest.

                                                                                   Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng