Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Self-esteem is an individualistic subjective assessment of one’s worth expressed through emotional states such as victory, anguish, pride and humiliation. Self-esteem is what actually determines your personal trait as human be it negative or positive. So, it is an obligation for parents to nurture positive self-esteem in their children to make sure they grow up properly with a lot of confidence that will enable them to defend themselves as citizens, workers, wives, and husbands. This is because, a lot people have failed in various areas of their lives simply because of low self-esteem. The phrase “I cannot” is always on their lips making it is difficult for them to achieve anything in life. Parents should be aware that, it is their full responsibility to build boldness in their kids from the day they were delivered. Below are few tips on nurturing positive self-esteem in children.  

Assign task: parents should always assign tasks to their children within age appropriately. It is through these tasks that the children start gaining confidence that they can actually do stuff on their own. Ask them to help you clean dishes, tables, arrange their beds and many others. As a child is growing up with the courage that he or she can do something, it will be an exciting experience for that child. With the child’s knowledge of personal efforts, it gives him or her an upper hand to have that sense of unique worthiness.  

Praise your child:  praise your child judiciously in order not to inflict pride in the child. Appreciate the things he or she has done well and equally what the child has made an attempt to do. With this notion, the child’s motto will always be “I can do better next time.” As you give your child a sense of assurance, the child will never relent his or her efforts to work harder. So, praising your child is an important aspect in nurturing the child.

Keep aside comparison: comparison is what kills a child’s talent completely. Parents should not compare their kids to others because each child has a specific and an exceptional way of doing things. The child might not be good in A but that same child can equally be the best in B. Watch your child closely and see what that child is good at. Encourage the child in what he or she is good at rather than imposing what you think is good for the child.

Set the spirit of forgiveness: it is very essential to set the spirit of forgiveness in your child. Let the child know that it is possible to fail and failure should be considered as an opportunity to learn new things. Help the child to get out of that traumatic experience that he/she went through in the course of failing in a particular task. Let the child forgive himself/herself and move on with life. Thus building self-confidence.

Live an exemplary life: you have to be a role model for your kids. They should be able to learn and gain confidence in what you say and do. When you live a positive life style, there is a high probability that your children will also copy those attitudes. So, be a role model for your kids and their self-esteem will be boosted.

For sure, there are a million ways of nurturing child’s self-esteem but the few points mentioned above are like a fuel that helps a car to move. Therefore putting these points into practice can uplift your child’s self-esteem. Do not forget to leave a comment or share your opinion in the comment section below.

                                                                                   Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng