Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel

One of Cameroon’s most prominent opposition parties, the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) has said it will not participate in the February 9, 2020 Municipal and Legislative elections. The President of the party, Prof. Maurice Kamto made the announcement today November 25, 2019, during a Press Conference in the nation’s political capital Yaoundé.

Prof. Maurice Kamto cited several reasons that have made them chose the boycott option. Among these reasons are:

  • The persistent Anglophone crisis in the North West and South West regions. Prof. Kamto wants President Biya to create an enabling environment for the two regions to participate in the elections.
  • Non modification of the electoral code.
  • The difficulties encountered by his party members in compiling their documents. The party had earlier complained about administrative bottle necks and delays in public offices charged with processing required documents.

The leader of the CRM has also urged other opposition political parties to boycott the elections.

The CRM’s decision to boycott the elections comes as a surprise to many Cameroonians considering that the party actively participated in the October 7, 2018 Presidential elections. Many Cameroonians have been asking why boycott now when the party took part in the 2018 elections with the same circumstances Prof. Kamto cited. Others on the other hand have hailed Prof. Kamto and the CRM for choosing to stand with the people of the North West and South West.

The CRM’s boycott option is even more surprising because some militants of the party had earlier announced their intentions to run. Barrister Michel Ndoki for example had intentions to run as Member of Parliament for her constituency. According to a CRM militant and renowned Political analyst, Njomo Cyril, in Buea, capital of the restive South West region, militants of the party were heavily mobilizing to either take over the Buea Council completely or share the council sits.