Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel

Earlier this year, the Social Democratic Front (SDF) made it clear that they won’t participate in any elections in Cameroon until measures are taken to end the Anglophone crisis and there is peace and security in the North West and South West regions. As a matter of fact, an SDF MP from Wouri, Jean Michel Nintcheu made it clear this week that President Biya is dividing Cameroon by deciding to organize elections when one part of the country is still in crisis.

The SDF in a National Executive Committee Meeting last weekend also made it clear that they won’t participate in the ongoing session of parliament.

They even boycotted the opening session on Tuesday. According to SDF Senator and Vice President of the senate, Emilia Nkeze, their decision to boycott the session of parliament is because the resolutions of the Major National Dialogue, particularly the resolution on Special Status have not been implemented and nothing has been said about that since the dialogue ended.   

However, all that has changed as the SDF has said they will not only participate in the ongoing November session of parliament but will also take part in the 2020 legislative and municipal elections.

In a communiqué dated 11th November, 2019, the National Chairman and President of the National Investiture Committee of the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi granted investiture to all existing and potential SDF Members of parliament, mayors, deputy mayors and municipal councilors and asked them to compile their candidature files and prepare for the elections.

The SDF is backpedaling when the same circumstances that made them to choose the boycott option are still there, so many are asking to know what changed.

According to the National Communication Secretary of the SDF, Denis Nkemlemo, the situation has evolved and so too has the position of the party. Denis Nkemlemo added that the SDF has been hinted that the government is to deposit some important bills at the national assembly that are to the interest of the people. Thus, they have to be there to deliberate.