Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel

It is no longer news that President Biya has convened the electorates for the legislative and municipal elections on February 9, 2020. What is however making news is that many have been questioning if these elections can actually take place within the sociopolitical context of the North West and South West regions.

For the Social Democratic Front (SDF) of Ni John Fru Ndi, they had long made their stance clear; they won’t go for any elections unless the crisis is resolved. They have actually not stated clearly if they intend to go back on their words and participate in the upcoming elections, but in their last National Executive Committee Meeting, they made it clear that their party won’t participate in the upcoming November 2019 session of parliament. According to SDF Member of Parliament for Wouri, Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu, President Biya has announced the independence of the people of the North West and South West regions by calling for elections in February.

This is an opinion strongly shared by Christian Penda Ekoka, former detainee and an ally to the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) of Prof. Maurice Kamto. Penda Ekoka speaking on La Verite En Face on Equinoxe TV said President Biya is planting the seed of separation in Cameroon by deciding to call for elections when one part of the country is still in crisis.

For Kah Walla of the Cameroon Peoples Party and Stand Up of for Cameroon, her stance is clear; her party will not go for any elections in Cameroon until there is a ceasefire in the North West and South West, the security of voters is guaranteed, there is a veritable dialogue to resolve the Anglophone problem, redefine the nature and form of the Cameroonian state.

Kah Walla writes on her official Facebook page “The same rigged elections with the same ELECAM, the same MINAT and the same Constitutional Council that have always failed us. The same who have always deceived us, the same who have not known since 1991 how to organize elections with a semblance of seriousness. The same who are, without exception in his camp and on his team.

“President Biya is asking us once again and one time too many, after 37 years, he is still asking us to accompany him and help him to consolidate his power. This time, we say NO! We will no longer accompany this President!”

Kah Walla adds that institutions including the National Assembly and the function of a parliamentarian must be reformed and there must be a real transfer of powers and resources to local government so that mayors and elected officials can actually solve the problems of Cameroonians.

For others, there is apparently nothing wrong with President Biya’s decisions to call for elections in 2020. One of such persons is former detainee and frontline militant of the CRM, Barrister Michelle Ndoki. On Sunday, moments after the date for the elections was made known, Barrister Michelle Ndoki officially announced on her twitter page her intention to run for the 2020 elections as a member of parliament. She said it will be a moment of truth and she as a bride intends to honor the marriage in February 9, 2020.

2018 Presidential Candidate, Serge Espoir Matomba of PURS is also ready to honor the appointment. He has launched operation 300 mayors and 100 members of parliament in 2020. Another 2018 Presidential candidate who has declared his intention to run for parliament in the 2020 twin elections is Cabral Libii of the Cameroon Party for National Reconciliation. He made the declaration on Monday while talking to the CRTV.