Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel

Bike riders in some parts of the city of Yaoundé have gone on rampage, expressing dissatisfaction over a decision prohibiting them from working in some parts of the town.

In the early hours of today November 12, 2019, the bike riders stormed some road junctions preventing other riders from working and compelling them to join them in the protest. Commercial riders transporting persons were equally stopped and the passengers asked to step down. The protest completely paralyzed movements in the city, preventing students, pupils, workers and others from going about their daily activities freely.

They also extended their protest to taxi drivers, destroying the windscreen of their taxis. The bikers argued that since they have been prevented from working, not even taxis will work. It only took the intervention of Police Officers for a little calm to be restored.

The outrage came on the heels of decision by the Centre regional governor Naseri Paul Bea banning the activities of commercial motor bikes in areas like Post central, Carrefour Wada, Bastos, Long-kak, Tsinga, Mvan, Mount. Febe, Olezoa and Corron. These bike riders say bike riding is the only thing they depend on for their livelihood as well as that of their families since they cannot find other jobs. By midday Governor Naseri Paul Bea was holding a crisis meeting to address the concerns of the riders.