Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Appreciation has to do with the acknowledgement and satisfaction of the good qualities of people and things. Showing appreciation to people that have been kind to you, it is very vital for you and the person you are showing thankfulness to. This is because a sense of appreciation uplifts somebody, gives the person some feeling of worthiness and motivates the person to work harder. For Frederick Koenig said “happiness comes not from getting something we lack, but from the recognition and appreciation of what we do have”. This is simply to say that, everybody feels happy when good deeds are done to them.  So, showing appreciation to   parents, teachers, workers and most importantly yourself is an indication that you are grateful for what you have become from the contributions made by the people mentioned above. Below are few ways to appreciate people.

Show gratitude: this is what a lot of people fail to do. It is essential to show gratitude for the least thing you receive from somebody. It can be a word of advice, food, money, clothes, a cup of water, a piece of cake and many others. No matter how small the thing is, always learn to say “thank you” because what you have received might have changed a situation in your life and make you feel better at that moment. So, “thank you” should never depart from your mouth when a good deed is shown you.

Offer gifts if you can afford: you can equally appreciate somebody by offering a gift or gifts to show your sincere satisfaction for the impact the person has made to you. You should never say or even think you have nothing to offer because the size of your gift doesn’t matter but your intention behind that gift is what matters. Therefore offer gifts to your loved ones to appreciate their kindness.

Sacrifice some moments for them: you have to thank the people, offer gifts, how awesome it will be to spend time with them. Spending time with people that have been there for you in one way or the other is equally another way of appreciating them. When you talk and laugh together you don’t even know how happy you make that person feel. You help the person get relieved from stress and see life in another way. Spend time with your loved ones, hug and tell them how much you love them for you wouldn’t have been where you are without their efforts.

Be sympathetic: show remorsetowards the people you appreciate. Don’t use their predicament to make a mockery of them. It is very painful making ridicule of someone who is emotionally and physically downcast. This is an opportunity for you to care and support the person. You can give them words of encouragement for example, you can tell the person “please don’t bother everything will be fine”. You should not only say those words but you should be truthful in them. When you are truthful to all your dealings, you become a pillar where people will like to lean on.

Offer a word of prayer for them daily:  this is very important. Saying a word of prayer daily is the highest way of showing appreciation. Asking God to protect them day in day out is the best sign of saying how much you care about them. I know of a woman who says she doesn’t need anything as gift but just someone who can offer a sincere word of prayer for her. So learn to pray for your loved ones.

There are a hundred ways to show appreciation to people but the few points are the easiest ways to show a sense of gratitude to someone. Try them and leave your testimony in the comment section below.

                                                                                  Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng