Contributed by: Nicholine Akou

Blogging is an interesting thing to do when you are ready for the challenges it brings along. A lot of people had desires to create a personal blog but ended up abandoning the idea because of the fear of so many things. I’m here to tell you that, your strength is your mind, if you make up your mind that you want to blog, you will be able to overcome all your worries and you will definitely become a successful blogger. Below are some of the doubts most bloggers encounter.

Niche: most often, some bloggers are unable to start blogging because they are uncertain about the niche they will blog on. This is easy to handle, all you need is to get niches on life style, health, food and nutrition, current events and more. With any of these niches, your audience will be kept posted.

Consistency:  this is the highest fear of most bloggers. They are afraid if they will be able to continue with the niche they have chosen to blog on. Will they be able to produce content that will be in the same line of their niche? Certainly this should be every blogger’s worry. You just need to read. Reading opens your mind on diverse ways and it will definitely keep you on track.

Credibility of content: credibility of content is another point that no blogger can evade. As a beginner, you really wonder if your content will be credible for reading. Does it actually make sense? Will my audience be satisfied with my content? Will the world criticize my content? These are the questions running through bloggers mind. I bet you, just write on, no written down material is useless. If it doesn’t make sense to A, it might be the best information ever read by B and if you can create an impact for one then know that you have changed one part of the world.

Popularity:  A lot of bloggers equally worry about popularity. They keep wondering if they will be popular in such a way that they will pull traffic to their blog. For sure, the content you put up will determine if you will become popular or not. People should run to your site for vital information and once they discover that what you put up are falsehood, no matter how popular you were, you will start losing your audience gradually. So, go in for niches that will enable you to produce essential content

Making income out of blogging:  this is the doubt no blogger can escape from. The aim of almost all bloggers is to make income online. They keep wondering if they will be able to put food on their table, pay bills, and afford the luxuries they desire. All you need is time to achieve your goals through blogging. Press on and you will see the results as time unfolds.

The above points are some of the doubts most bloggers encounter at the beginning of blogging and even when they are already into it. I wish to tell you that, there is no business that an investor can avoid risks. Stand firm and have confidence in in your ability to do what makes you happy. For with time, you will reign in your own success.  

                                                                                     Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng