Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Creating a favorable working environment for your workers is paving a way for increase in productivity. Often, employers neglect this part and expect perfect job forgetting that the environment motivates workers to do better.  Offering a job is not enough, you should ensure that your workers are comfortable by putting in the few tips below.

Create a comfortable office: it is important to create comfortable offices for your employees depending on the type of job you are offering. If it is a job that requires no movement, let there be enough space, lights and technological equipment if necessary. With all these, employees will be motivated to do their job.

Employ Determined workers: employ adequate and competent workers who are determined to see the growth of your company. This is to say that, employing such workers guarantee’s you of high level of productivity, networking and an increase in the profit margin of the company as there will be no low spirit workers around.

Transparency: there should be freedom of speech at the job site. Making it possible for your employees to speak to you freely which enable them to table their difficulties which will ease you getting rid of such drawbacks. It is also important for you to state your expectation at the beginning for your employees to make sure they stay on track and do an efficient job.

Encourage your employees to live a healthy life: you have to encourage your employees to live a healthy life so that they should be constant supply of output. You can offer free breakfast or lunch to your employees if you can afford. For workers to be moving up and down to get something to eat is tiring, takes time, and delays work.

Appreciate good job: it is very vital to appreciate good job because it encourages your workers to work harder. Appreciating them pushes them to make contributions for the growth of business. When workers are surrounded with a boss that knows and recognize their potentials, they feel at home. You can offer rewards like lunch or dinner treats.

They are a million ways of creating a conducive working environment but the few points mentioned above will guide you to have a good relationship with your employees which is for the betterment of your business.

                                                                                  Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng