Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel

The leader of the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP) Edith Kah Walla was guest on Talking Point during the 6PM Equinoxe Prime Time News presented by Ace Journalist Babila Jonathan on Tuesday October 22, 2019. Kah Walla dwelled on some pertinent issues that have been animating debates in Cameroon for years, notably, the Anglophone crisis and the regime in power.

According to Kah Walla, the fundamental problem Cameroon has is the Present regime and no solution can be provided to any problem plaguing the country if this regime is not sent out of power. Kah Walla says this must done peacefully and non-violent. She cites cases of Tunisia, Algeria, Burkina Faso and South Sudan that have gone through the same peaceful and non-violent transition.

To the very vocal and fearless Kah Walla, Cameroonians cannot achieve this peaceful transition if they don’t come together as one people. She says Cameroonians should stop considering themselves as different entities because according to her, the only two entities in Cameroon are the leaders on one hand and the citizens on the other hand.

Kah Walla adds that elections only help to divide Cameroonians because it gives political parties the opportunity to fight amongst themselves in order to win and as such helps the regime to remain in power. Still on elections, Kah Walla thinks no successful, free and fair elections can take place in Cameroon with the present dispensation when the Anglophone crisis has not been solved, the same persons are still in the constitutional council, and the same persons are still managing ELECAM. This is why her party did not participate in the last elections.

Kah Walla further thinks the judicial and educational systems have failed. She says this is why there was an uprising in Sangmelima because youths did not trust the judicial system and decided to administer jungle justice on a suspect. She decries the fact that now and then, people are beheaded in the North West and South West regions. Kah Walla wonders if the government is worried about the psychological impact this gruesome killings will have on the young people, especially as most of the persons committing these acts are below 25. To Kah Walla, this won’t be happening if the country had an effective and efficient educational system.

Therefore, to Kah Walla, the first solution to the Anglophone crisis and every other problem plaguing Cameroon would be for Cameroonians themselves to engage in a Peaceful and non-violent approach  to send out President Biya and his entire regime. If this is done, every other problem will be solved. This is a position that Kah Walla, the CPP and Stand Up For Cameroon hold very strongly.

The President of CPP adds that after the peaceful and non-violent transition, another Dialogue must be called and it should be totally different from the last one. It should be inclusive and every subject must be discussed. She thinks the last dialogue was a total waste of the tax payer’s money. This explains why her party decided to boycott the event.