Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel

A repented Ambazonian General has been confirmed murdered after presenting himself to the Governor of the North West region.

Ikom Polycarp Bah was killed in the night of Wednesday October 16, 2019 at his residence in the outskirts of Zongokwo in Wum, Menchum division.

In the early hours of the same Wednesday, the former Amba fighter publicly presented himself and apologized during the installation of the Senior Divisional Officer for Menchum Division. According to him, he and his boys did not only fight against the military but also against muslims in the divisions. He asked them to all forgive him and promised never to fight against the State again.”I’m here to confirm that nothing will happen to Amba fighters if they surrender. Nothing has happened to me and I hope that nothing will happen to me” He added.

 He was forgiven and challenged not to only end at his confession but to also ensure that all his brothers in the bushes are also decamped.

The news of his confession went viral and the videos were all over the media. Many were happy that he did the right thing by deciding to accept the olive branch and give peace a chance. Unfortunately, it would appear some individuals were not happy with this decision and had to make Polycarp Bah pay with his own life. Just hours after decamping, he was murdered and his body was mutilated.

The murderers of Polycarp Bah are not known yet but the macabre act is not surprising to many. The North West administration and the DDR have come under heavy criticism for failing to grant adequate security to the ex-fighter after the confession.

For many, this should have been foreseen and measures should have been taken to ensure that he is protected. Many have also questioned why he was not sent to the DDR center but allowed to go back to his home instead.

It also feared that the killing of the ex-fighter may just discourage many other fighters in the bushes who may have thought of decamping.