Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Domestic violence is gradually destroying families and societies as a whole and this calls for a necessity to look for solutions to stop this constant cruelty on women. Though there is no excuse for home abuse prevention is still better than cure. It is therefore essential to stare for a tactic to settle issues without hurting each other. The following steps will guide you on how to avoid various home abuses.

Independence: it is important for both partners to be independent and equally respect each other no matter the earnings involved. This will help partners not to be a liability to the other. Agreeing on what to do with your incomes together, will reduce jealousy, arguments and insults leaving you both to live in peace.

Solve issues at hand: it is important for you to solve issues at hand immediately when it arises. There is no perfect relationship but the way you decide to tackle yours will enable you to live in peace in your family. The problems that are not solved instantly aggravate over a period of time and explode into assaults and insult. Therefore solving issues at hand proximately helps you to avoid domestic violence.

Select advice you take from friends: it is true that, most people find it easy to discuss certain issues with their friends. You have to however know that not all your friends can give you good advice when it comes to relationship matters. Therefore screen all the things they tell you before taking them into consideration.

Respect opinions: learn to listen to each other‘s opinion when you are talking about a particular thing. Numerate the importance of why things should go your way and the other person should equally do same then both of you can combine all the points and select the best giving room for no misunderstanding thus, a peaceful relationship.

Know the causes:  above all, know what can provoke a partner to start acting abnormally. By doing so, it will help you to avoid those things and you people will live in peace.

 There are a hundred ways to stay away from domestic violence which this article has not extracted but the few points mentioned above, are the easiest and simplest ways to keep you out of domestic violence. Try to put then into practice and see how your home will become a little heaven on earth. Please do drop a comment below or just share your opinion it can help someone.

                                                                                     Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng