Contributed by Nicholine Akou

After a close examination of what domestic violence is and its causes, it is important to look at the effects as well. Domestic violence has great effects on the abused, family and society as a whole. You can bear with me that, after an abused has undergone numerous sufferings, she can never be the same nor can the children from such home grow up properly. Effects on physical, emotional, mental, alienation and even cycle of violence might likely affect the abused as seen in the subsequent paragraphs.

Physical effects: the victim can end up suffering from disabilities such as loss of sight, broken bones, bruises, wounds and could aggravate to homicide. The abused or the abuser might kill the partner accidentally or intentionally. There are a lot of women out there with an eye, one leg, deaf which they got from their partners as well as there are also disable children which is as a result of their parents fighting.  

Emotional and mental effects: the abused starts undergoing traumatic experiences due to accumulated pain and anger which she incurred from her abuser. She develops low self-esteem, becomes depressed, and undergoes insomnia and shame. She becomes very hostile towards people around her, goes into alcoholism and convinces herself that suicide is the best option. This happens to extreme cases of domestic abuse.

Alienation: this is the feeling that tells you that you don’t belong to a particular group. The abused might endure to the extent that she normalizes the assaults and even blame herself for the mischiefs happening to her. She decides to keep quiet and pull herself off from social activities. Some even claim it is their fate for they have their own world while the rest of the other women have theirs. I wish to plead with you, don’t be an alien, you are not in this alone. Expose your abuser for your own good and for the society as a whole. Who knows, your case might set aside other women’s fear.

Cycle of violence: this is likely to occur if care is not taken. The women who face domestic violence find it difficult to control their children not to turn out like the abusers. Since they grew up knowing that it was the best way for them to settle scores, they might adopt the same method on their spouses.

This article has not explored all the effects of domestic violence but has basically outlined the common ones happening to our day to day societies. This is just to enlighten you that you should not wait for the consequences to come which could be death rather look for a solution to get out of it on time.  

                                                                                Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng