Contributed by Emiliene Alemkeng

Hello guys, in my previous post concerning profitable and traffic attraction niches, I offered a list of five which were; making money online, Fashion and beauty, Parenting, health and fitness, and lifestyle. Today, I will provide you with five more Niches I consider to be very demanding and yield income. But like I said in the previous post, make sure you are acquainted and comfortable with any of the following before considering it because you will have to stay consistent on the same topic for over time.

Personal Finance

This niche encloses a lot of ideas including how to make money online and to a greater extent, it entails tips and guides on people’s income. This niche has a lot of varieties which if you are talented in the field, you could have it as one general niche. You can choose to educate your audience on investment, saving, frugality and more. This niche is very lucrative and attracts traffic because almost every individual is interested in income management. Popular bloggers like Michelle Gardener and Natalie Bacon ( make most of their income from this niche.


DIY Niche is equally very lucrative and has a lot of audience. Like the name suggests “Do it by yourself” means you giving your talent out and teaching people to do such things by themselves at home saving them from spending money to get an expert. A lot of people will like to learn different arts, craft, cooking, baking, and other tutorials and tips. However, it is advisable for you to target social media like Pinterest and YouTube for they are the best market places for such talents.

Food and nutrition

Food and nutrition blog is equally very vast permitting you to be saturated with ideas always. It could be cooking, recipes, baking, nutrition guides and more. We all depend on food daily which demands that we need to learn how to cook because depending on fast food is certainly not healthy. With this in mind, you know that people do so many research daily on food and nutrition which gives you the traffic you need. This niche is also very beneficial if you are consistent, authentic and hardworking. Jessica Gavin, one of the most popular food blogger made almost $5,097.90 in March 2017, a clear indication that food and nutrition niche yields greatly.


Technology is everywhere around the globe and I will personally advice you to go for this niche if you have the potentials. First, you will never lack a topic to write on because technology trends every day and most people are ignorant on so many topics concerning it which they need at home or even office as basic usage. You could offer courses on how to use, fix, and preserve laptops, desktops, telephones and others. Check on popular tech blog like Wired, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Fast Company and others for reference.

Designing and Décor

Designing and décor also yields income and incur traffic but to a lesser extent because only some particular people are in to it. What makes it different and better from others is that less people are into designing and décor especially as it demands professionalism and deep mastery of the art which so many find challenging.

The above is the list of the most lucrative blogging niches that I can advise you to venture into if you have the talent but other niches also exist though with some limitations. The latter might be seasonal, specific, or incur less traffic. They include sewing, pregnancy, photography, travelling, Religion, pet, Wedding and more basically because not everybody is into this. 

                                                                                         Edited by Nicholine Akou.