Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel

The inhabitants of the North West region of Cameroon are still in total shock over a terrible incident that took place in that part of the country over the weekend; a soldier took his own life after shooting his superior.

On the night of Sunday October 6, noises were heard from the Bamenda Military Barracks. According to residents, the noises where coming from two men who apparently had engaged in a quarrel that turned deadly in no time. They could even hear them shouting at the top of their voices and then, the unimaginable happened; two gunshots were heard at about 7:15 PM local time.

A soldier whose name we got as Caporal Djivo

had just shot his superior, Captain Nkae on the ribs.

After shooting his superior, he immediately turned the gun to his head and took his own life.

Taking late Caporal Djivo to the morgue

Thankfully, Captain Nkae survived the bullet and was immediately rushed to the Bamenda regional hospital. Unfortunately, the story was different for Caporal Djivo who was taken to the mortuary of the same hospital.

What could actually be the cause of this argument that ended up this bloody? That is not clear yet but according to security sources; the junior officer was drunk before carrying out the act. However, surrounding residents have a different narrative.

According to them, they overhead the two men quarrelling over deployment to Bafut. It is reported that Caporal Djivo did not want to go to Bafut where there is a heavy presence of separatist fighters. It is also reported that he was just returning from the same area and told his boss that he should be given some time before another deployment. The Captain insisted and Caporal Djivo decided that death was a preferable option. He decided to end not only the life of his boss but his own life as well.

The unfortunate incident still remains a mystery to many. It would appear there is more to it than meets the eye. Hopefully, investigations are on and any mystery would be uncovered.