Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel

The National Dialogue that has been on for the past 5 days at the Yaoundé Conference center has come to an end today Friday October 4, 2019. During the solemn closing ceremony of the event, the Rapporteur of the Major National Dialogue, Felix Mbayo delivered key resolutions adopted by the eight different commissions. Some of these key resolutions are:

  • North West and South West regions should be granted a special status. This is in line with article 62, of the constitution of Cameroon.
  • Strict implementation of regional balance and equitable access to Public services and security forces.
  • Conceive and implement a curriculum on intercommunity fellowship, rebuilding fraternal trust and civic engagement in an effort to strengthen national social cohesion.
  • Powers of governors should be reduced.
  • Suppression of the provision for the appointment of government delegates.
  • Decentralization should be strengthened.
  • The use of both official languages in all areas of National life.
  • Develop and codify principles for social dialogue, social cohesion and living together.
  • Ensure educational reforms recognize the specificities and uniqueness of the two sub systems.
  • Ensure Teacher Trade Unions work in collaboration with the government.
  • Upgrade the Common Law Section of the Supreme Court into a full flesh legal bench.
  • Set up mechanisms to call to book those financing terrorism in foreign countries.
  • Translate all legal instruments into both official languages.
  • Consideration of the mastery of the common law system when appointing Judges in courts in the two regions.
  • Set up a law school for the training of lawyers and all legal practitioners.
  • Take measures to grant amnesty to all and facilitate the return of refugees.
  • Provide education to refugees.
  • Reconstruction of destroyed areas.
  • Establish contacts between young people in DDR centers and do everything to stop the fabrication of artisanal arms
  • Double nationality should be granted to Cameroonians living abroad.
  • Rehabilitation of ex-combatants who are into drugs.
  • A dedicated ministry should be created for diasporans.
  • High council of Diasporans should be created in host countries with elected leaders

The closing ceremony was also an opportunity for another set of ex-separatist fighters to be presented to participants of the Major National Dialogue. The ex-combatants from the North West region said they have come to apologize and accept the olive branch extended to them by the Head of State. Their leader from Donga Mantung division was very emotional as he broke down in tears during his one minute speech.

It was also announced at the end of the National Dialogue that a sum of 2.7 million FCFA has been donated by the Diaspora as assistance for the reconstruction of the North West and South West regions.

In his closing remarks, the Prime Minister and President of the Major National Dialogue, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute promised that all the resolutions will be forwarded to the Head of State for implementation. He also used the opportunity to call on all Cameroonians to support initiatives championed by the Head of State which aim at ensuring that children resume school peacefully, business activities resume as soon as possible and compatriots who have become refugees go back to their villages.

According to His Eminence, Christian Cardinal Tumi, for the resolutions to be effectively implemented, a follow up committee should be created.

The much awaited National Dialogue has come and gone and Cameroonians especially those in the affected regions are now waiting on the Head of State for effective implementation of the resolutions. Above all, they hope that peace will return to their regions.