Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Getting along with your coworkers is an imperative thing to do because you spend 75 % of your time with them. This is to say that, your happiness, sadness, productivity, and even your promotion revolts around them. So, creating an ethical relationship with your coworkers is simply making a smooth path for your career journey which you will enjoy in integrity. With regards to this topic, few points are outline below to help you to get along with your coworkers.

Accept your coworkers’ opinion: you have to accept your colleagues’ opinion especially on issues that concern work. Allow them to outline their points and if you think the points are not going to be helpful, don’t just reject them rather, offer suggestions. This is to show them that their opinions count. Do not always be MR or MISS know all. Listening and accepting some of their opinions makes them feel they also belong.

Learn their temperaments: learning the temperaments of your coworkers is very vital. This is because some people get upset easily over minor things while others don’t. Learning your colleagues’ natures will help you get along with them because you will know who to crack jokes with and when to do so.

Show benevolence to all: showing kindness to all your colleagues is making life easy for you. You can offer breakfast, lunch or dinner if you can afford any. Another way is just greeting and smiling with them whenever you meet them. It will enable you not to bear grudges with anyone and will reduce the chances of gossips which can bring enmity amongst you.

Do a good job: you have to be professional in your field. Don’t wait for others to do your work and you take the credit. You have to be aware that taking credit for work done by your colleagues is nursing anger and hatred which will eventually gush out and for sure there will be a quarrel and enmity might circulate.

Be tolerant: the best thing you can do is to learn how to tolerate people. It is certain that some of your colleagues will get on your nerves, provoke you with words and actions. Just tolerate them and life will move on smoothly. Know that you can’t choose your colleagues they are your family so you have to live with them as far as your job is concern. Quitting your job will not help you in any way because you will still meet different people and there is no guarantee that they will be better. So, just tolerate your colleagues whatever the case might be and enjoy your job.

There are a million ways to get along with your coworkers but the five points mentioned above can work for all. Do your best to try them and I bet you, you will enjoy the results. Please do visit the comment box bellow. Share your opinions and ask questions for lino publishing and communications is always ready to respond to you.

                                                                     Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng