Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel

Another set of alleged former separatist fighters has today dropped weapons and joined the Major National Dialogue at the Yaoundé Conference center. The nine ex-fighters were presented to the press today Day 4 of the ongoing dialogue by Spokesperson Dr. George Ewane.

The 9 Ex-fighters

The ex-fighters all from different parts of the North West Region are:

  • Shey Divine from Nkambe, Donga Mantung (Speaker)
  • Sebastian Bup
  • Ndi Clifford
  • Penn Desmond
  • Ndongeh Lawrence Ayong
  • Tale Livinus
  • Ngam Japhet Fantana
  • Neba Tah Desmond
  • Ngangeh Terence Kaiti

The speaker of the ex-fighters speaking during the press briefing said they had picked up arms against the state of Cameroon because they were abandoned and maltreated as Anglophones and the diaspora took advantage. He apologized on behalf of his group for sinning against the state.

Shey Divine addressing the nation

Shey Divine further thanked the Governor of the North West, his collaborators and Ngala Gerald for working tirelessly to ensure that they leave the bushes. In tears, he regretted that lives have been lost in the struggle and their hands are stained with blood. He added that he is hoping the ongoing dialogue will provide a long lasting solution to the Anglophone crisis that has been rocking the English Speaking regions of Cameroon for close to three years.

One of the major highlights of the ongoing National Dialogue that is drawing to a close has been the presentations of ex-separatist fighters who have decided to drop their arms and participate in the dialogue process. On the first day, over 20 ex-fighters were presented at the opening, 5 on the second day, another 5 on the third then, 9 more.

George Ewane on the microphone

The presentation of these alleged ex-fighters at the Major National Dialogue has sparked controversial reactions on the traditional and social media. While some Cameroonians consider it a positive outcome of the dialogue, many others have questioned the identities of the ex-fighters.