Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel

Five more alleged Separatist fighters have today dropped their arms at the ongoing national dialogue in Yaoundé. Introducing the ex-fighters during a Press Conference, the Spokesperson of the Major National Dialogue, Dr. George Ewane said they are ex-Generals representing separatist fighters from Fako Division, particularly from Tiko and Mile 16.

Ex-General on press conference

The ex-Generals are: General Capture and Destroy, Commander Pussy, Ezemo the Custodian of their shrine, No Mercy and Commander Champion. Dr. George Ewane said it is one of the first outcomes of the major landmark event and added that they will join their fellow ex-combatants at ongoing deliberations.

The 5 Ex-Amba Generals at Major National Dialogue

General Capture and Destroy who claims to be the First Brigadier Commander of The Fako Amba Army was given an opportunity to speak during the Press Conference. In tears and with The Holy Bible in hand, he made the following demands:

Ex-Amba Generals with the Prime Minister
Ex-Amba Generals with the Prime Minister
  • Amnesty should be granted to activists abroad.
  • All arrested in connection to the Anglophone crisis should be released.
  • Power should be given to the people of the North West and South West to manage their resources and vote their administrators.
  • Villages that have been burnt should be reconstructed. He added that Anglophone refugees are suffering in Nigeria.

The five alleged ex-fighters were later presented this evening to the Chairperson of the Major National Dialogue, Prime Minister Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute.