Contributed by Nicholine Akou

A job promotion entails the advancement of an employee within a company due to an excellent task carryout accordingly. An employee that meets up with the demands of a company, creates networking, influences the increase in the profit margin, offers good leadership and adheres punctuality in meetings and missions, deserves to ask for a promotion. However, in order to get a successful demand, there are things he/she needs to put in place; the points below illustrate such.

Numerate your worth: The very first thing you need to do is to outline your worth as the company is concerned. Present a detail explanation of your contributions over the period of time you have worked in the company. Give your employer good reasons why you think you should handle the position you are requesting for. Don’t enumerate the financial benefits but your influence to the growth of the company.

Request for a meeting: Requesting for a meeting is very important. You cannot just get up in the morning and encroach into your employer’s office asking for a promotion. As you bid for a meeting with your employer, make sure you inform him/ her what the meeting is all about so that he/she can equally prepare on what to say when you will be making your case.

Look for a convenient time: You have to look for a convenient time to ask for a promotion. Such periods when the company is about to merge with another, during annual meetings where an evaluation is carried out to see how far the company has gone or where the company is to be in the future are the best moments to present your case. It is also necessary for you to know your employer too. Talk to him/her when he/she is in a good mood then, I’m sure the person will consider your case.

Be patient: You have to be patient after presenting your case. It is possible that your request might not be granted at the time you expected. Do not make an issue out of it and don’t also relent your efforts in trying. Keep raising the issue when you have the least opportunity.  I’m sure your employer will work on your request gradually.

Volunteerism: Do voluntarily services on projects that will bring money into the company while waiting for your request to be granted.  It is certain that your employer is doing a close examination of you to know whether you can handle the additional task.

They are a hundred ways to ask for a job promotion but the five points mentioned above, are the easiest and the simplest ways to request for one. Try them and see how it works. Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment section below.

                                                                                    Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng