Contributed by Nkafu Gabriel

A part of a two-storey school building in the capital city of Kenya has collapsed, killing at least 7 children and injuring over 57 more. According to the Kenya Red Cross Spokesperson, Peter Abwa, the sad incident happened at about 7:00am this Monday when children where in their classrooms at Precious Talent Academy.

The 57 injured students have been transported to the hospital where they are currently receiving adequate medical attention.

In the meantime, emergency responders are still clearing the debris to determine if more children are still trapped underneath.

Parents and other residents quickly rushed to the scene, whaling, lamenting and expressing shock, as officials tried to console them. Photos from the scene showed some of them searching through broken chalkboards, desks and chairs.

According to the Kenya Red Cross, a station has been set up at the school to assist parents and guardians seeking information about the whereabouts of their children.

Investigations are still on to ascertain the cause of the collapse of the building which is said to be of corrugated iron wood. Engineers are also assessing if the rest of the building is at risk. The Kenya minister of Education said it does not appear like the second storey of the building was approved by authorities. Officials of the National building Inspectorate at the scene added that the school was not properly constructed and is totally substandard. It is reported that Precious Talent Academy is a private institution with about 800 children. Local regulator John Kiarie said the school had no public land on which to construct a proper school