Emiliene Alemkeng

        Chapter One

           Episode 2

Chris in anger nearly punched the security guard but his father held him back, removed a 1000 FRS note from his wallet and handed it over to the guard hurriedly. He smiled lavishly and showed them in. In the hospital, they followed bloc C as the security guard had instructed then searched for ward five.
Mama was so pale, lying there with a huge bloody bandage covering her entire forehead and it terrified Charlotte. She had never seen her in that weakened state. She had always been the rock upon which the entire family relied, the strongest, and the one who had solutions to every problem. Papa sat down on the bed and took mama’s hand, stroking it and trying to lend a little warmth into her cold fingers. Charlotte could not take it, she burst into tears and dropped on the floor at the foot of the hospital bed helplessly while Chris and Yan looked on in total perplexity. Although their lives had never been simple, they had their mother’s strength and love to rely on. Watching her in that feeble state was totally unravelling to the whole family.
A nurse walked in and everyone looked up in anticipation, she was probably going to give an update on the situation. It was then shocking when they received a written penalty of 2500 FRS for sitting on the hospital bed.
‘What nonsense is this Miss, I expected feedback of my Mom’s condition and not this insult’ Chris interrupted
‘C’est nes pas mon problème. Vous allez payer avant quoi que ce soit’ she said arrogantly
‘What on earth is going on here? Chris was surprised by her actions
‘I beg your pardon’ Chris asked angrily
‘Allez-vous faire voir avec votre anglaise là’ she added with a look of disdain.
‘Miss you are a disgrace to this profession. I have never disrespected my patients or their relatives before. This profession has ethics that all of us must abide by’. Chris interrupted.
‘Ne me dérangez pas avec les histoire-là. C’est n’est pas moi qui faire la loi ici, j’obéies aux ordres’ She hissed and turned to leave.
‘And do the orders say you should disrespect patients and have no consideration for them’. Yan confronted her.
‘ Vous êtes aveugle ou quoi, C’est écrit sur les murs nor ? Vous ne devez pas vous assoit sur les lits’ She shouted at Yan
‘What Bed Miss, this bare fleshless mattress’ Chris demanded
‘Messieurs, ici c’est un hôpital et non pas un palais présidentielle. Jai d’autre patients a voir’ she added
‘Oh you mean you have other patients to insult’ Yan provoked.
At this point, Papa removed the money and handed to the nurse with the same resignation he had shown when dealing with the guard at the gate; and politely asked her to continue the treatment. While she was administering to Mama, an unattended patient on the other side of the ward started complaining and insulting the nurse as though she had been waiting for such an opportunity. She had been complaining and begging to be attended to, to no avail. Yet, the nurse had the time to come and give her penalty bills because her twelve-year old son sat on her naked, thorn mattress. She wondered why she was put in the emergency ward and yet no emergency treatment had been administered to her. As she confronted the nurse, the other patients joined.
‘Trop c’est trop’. One patient added
‘Regard même le lit qu’on demande de payer cinq mille par jour. En plus nous sommes dans cette petit chambres comme des Sardines’ another also complained
‘ C’est quoi cette histoire, depuis hier que je suis dans cette sale d’urgence Je n’ai pas vu le docteur même une fois’. another intilled
‘Regard les rats par tous, les moustiques chante L’hymne nationale dans nos oreille depuis que je suis arrivé’ Another patient put in.
‘Et les infirmiers sont isolante l’une que les autres’ He intruded.
‘Mon fils a déjà attrapé la grippe à cause de la poussière’ She continued.
The nurse ignored them and continued administering the injections she had brought on a tray on Mama as though no fly was buzzing in her ear. It was evident from countenance that she was used to being called out for her incompetence in the line of duty. The noise and perhaps the injection woke Mama up and everyone was dead silent and looked on her.
‘Mama how are you feeling’ Chris asked gently.
‘Am ok my son’, she struggled to reply with a faint smile which indicated the effort she was making to reassured her family. She struggled to lift herself up but soon gave up and lay back with a heavy sigh. She coughed agitatedly for some time then started trying to recount the story ‘I was crossing the road,…

To be continued…