Contributed by: Emiliene Alemkeng

As varied and extended parenting niches could be, blogger’s block still abide to it. This is because we need vital ideas that will interest and captivate our audience meanwhile not all ideas on parenting we come across can play that role. However, below are 32 great, captivating and traffic attraction ideas for you.

  1. Challenges as a teenage mom and overcomes
  2. Challenges as a single mom
  3. Keeping the child save from the internet
  4. How to react to kids panic
  5. Baby and kids skin care tips
  6. How to manage parent rage
  7. Pregnancy guides
  8. Preparing kids for school tips
  9. Kids good diet tips
  10. Home recipes
  11. New mom guides
  12. Offer a personal story as a parent
  13. Review products that could be of help to your audience
  14. Personal advice to parents
  15. Morning routine with your kids
  16. Parenting time management
  17. Inform them of helpful conferences and events
  18. Share your kids talents and ask your audience to do same
  19. Challenges of parenting and how to overcome
  20. Your kids funny moments
  21. Parenting guides to dads
  22. How to keep your kids busy
  23. Summer holiday activities for kids
  24. Study guides for kids
  25. Helpful parenting blogs
  26. Different discipline strategies for kids
  27. Your worst experience as a parent
  28. Give your opinion on a parenting trending topic
  29. Pose a controversial question and ask for your audience opinions
  30. Tips to save your child from bullying
  31. House rules
  32. Mother self-care

                                                                                         Edited by: Nicholine AKOU