Contributed by Emiliene Alemkeng

As bloggers, we are often faced with the challenge of getting blog post ideas for our blog. At the beginning, ideas flourish in our minds but as time goes on, we get short of them perhaps because we have already explored the outstanding ones that were in our minds. All we need is just the main idea and we will be able to create the content. So, I have decided to make it easy for lifestyle bloggers by creating the list of blog post ideas as follows. Read with an open mind and try to develop them because most of the points could be subdivided.

  1. Handbag essentials
  2. Interview a celebrity
  3. Write a short story
  4. Write on your lifestyle as a blogger
  5. Valentine’s  day tips
  6. How to overcome procrastination, stay focus when writing and more
  7. How to keep kids safe from the internet and others
  8. Fashion trends and tips
  9. Create a list of lifestyle blog post ideas
  10. Drawbacks and how to overcome
  11. Gardening
  12. Sport
  13. Social media
  14. Family
  15. Give your opinion on a trending topic
  16. Bedtime routine
  17. Your motivations and inspirations
  18. Things you can’t do without
  19. Tutorials
  20. Trending
  21. Reviews
  22. Favorite writers, bloggers and why
  23. Outfits of different occasions
  24. The do and don’t
  25. Celebrities lifestyle
  26. Morning routine
  27. Makeup  essentials
  28. Beauty tips
  29. Seven favorite movies and why
  30. Seven favorite books and why
  31. Travelling essentials
  32. Music

                                                                                           Edited by Nicholine Akou