Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Hello, today I present another recipe for one of my favorite snack which is puff puff. It can be served with beans, pap, fish or pepper sauce. I grew up eating puff puff daily and the manner in which those women usually drop the batter using the outlet between their thumbs and the index finger always left me in admiration each time I go to buy some. So, I promised to give it a try at home. The first day I tried, it was a total mess but as time went on, I became a master of my own recipe and I will love to share with you. Below is a gradual process to make puff puff for 4-5 people.

Require ingredients

-1 ½ cups (175g) of plain flour

-½ teaspoon of salt

-¾ cup ground sugar (make sure it is to your taste)

-1½ teaspoon yeast

-½ teaspoon minced nutmeg

-A cup of lukewarm water

-A liter of vegetable oil for deep frying.


– Heat water for two minutes

-Put the yeast in a little lukewarm water and set aside for about 4-5minutes.

 -Pour half of the water in a deep bowl, add salt, sugar and nutmeg. Mix and taste if the sugar and salt are balance. Then add the yeast and mix again.

-Add flour and mix well with your hands adding the rest of the water in bits so that it should not be too light nor too thick.

-Keep mixing until the batter is smooth then cover the bowl with aluminum foil or a plastic wrap for the batter to retain heat. Place it in a warm environment and allow the batter to rise for about an hour.

-When it rises, you will see small holes on the batter which actually means its set for frying.

-Heat oil in a pot and make sure it does not get too hot. This is to avoid the puff puff from burning without actually being cooked properly.

-In order for you to know whether the oil is ready for frying, drop a batter into the oil using your thumb and index finger or a table spoon.  If it rises to the surface, it means it is hot enough and in case it doesn’t, allow the oil to heat more before frying the rest of the batter.

-Make sure you don’t crowd the pot with too much puff puff at once.

-Allow it to cook until it is golden brown before you flip the other side and allow it to cook properly.

-Remove and place on a sieve with paper towels to rivet excess oil.

      Your puff puff is ready. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng