Contributed by: Emiliene Alemkeng

A personal blog is all about you. It includes things you do on daily basis, your thoughts, speech and action. Starting a personal blog can be overwhelming and intimidating basically because you don’t know where to start or how to go along with it. However, before starting a personal blog, you should make sure you give a deep thought about it because it demands on constituency, patience, sacrifice, endurance and hard work. If you are sure about this, then you can start your personal blog. Below are steps to follow to create your blog.

Choosing your blog name

It requires you to brainstorm on your hobbies, experiences, passion and others that relate to you to create your blog name. You can as well include your name on your blog name. You should however make it descriptive so that your potential readers can easily tell what your blog is about. In other words, your blog name should reflect what you will be blogging about.

Register your blog online choosing your preferred blogging platform

It is important to choose the platform best suitable for you (make research to know the preferred platform for a personal blog, (they include, Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad, Wix and others) to build your personal blog. You should also decide whether to go for a paid or a free one. It is however advisable to go for a paid option because the free won’t permit you to have your own domain name. The worse is that, you won’t even own your blog because it would be hosted on someone’s website giving them the power to delete your blog if they want to.

Designing your blog

Reflect on how you want your blog to look like then download a word press theme if you choose that platform of course, to help you design your blog the way you want. Note that your blog design has to reflect your personality and what your blog is meant for. Do not put music orientated theme if your idea is on travel and discovery for example. With this, your blog is set and you can start blogging.

Promoting your blog

This part is extremely important because this is where your content is made known to the general public. To promote your blog and its content, you can use social media like Facebook, twitter and others. Social media is a free market that can help you promote your content easily. You just need to share links to your friends and motivate them to share and promote you to their own friends. Also target social media groups that are based on similar topics to yours and share your links.


In order to create buzz for your blog, make sure you reply to all incoming comments and encourage your readers to subscribe and click on NOTIFICATION so that they get notified whenever you post something new.  By so doing, you won’t lose your audience.

                                                                                        Edited by Nicholine Akou