Contributed by Emiliene Alemkeng

Though the internet is a great deal for our society, it also brings about negative repercussions especially on kids. Kids are very innocent and are not conscious of the various dangers on the internet they use daily. In this twenty first century, kids are surrounded with lots of modern ICT tools that give them access to the internet so it is advisable that parents consider the following to save them from dangers like Catfishing, kidnaps and others.

Teach them: There is no magic remedy to save these kids than educating them on the dangers that surround them. They have to be informed on how to safely use their gadgets. They should have in mind that they cannot give their contact, email addresses, passwords and personal details to people they don’t know because it’s dangerous. They should also know how to keep their privacy from the internet and avoid online competitions.

Don’t make them feel they are being spied on: It should be noted that when kids realise someone is spying on them, they become more secretive and curious. Their parents and guardians have to make the children feel that they can always comfy in them whenever they find something uncomfortable. If they hint on suspicious things they find online, they will be able to guide be guided the right way.

Watch interesting movies and online dangers: It is obvious that one of the best ways to inform kids is through entertainment. When you educate them that way, they note better and even consider the more, than when you call them up and take a serious tone. Don’t choose a boring or too educative program or documentary for them because they will feel bored or immediately understand what your intentions are and will revolt. There are so many children whose hobby is watching movies. They can therefore be guided in the course of watching.

Be friends with them: Make sure you are friends with them on social media so that you can monitor the friends they have.  Also Make sure they don’t accept friendship from people they don’t know because kids often compete with who have more followers and friends which is very risky.

There are other online guides and safety roles for kids which you can consider. Here are just the primary things you can do to protect them. If it does not work, then contact any “online safety” company you know.

                                                                                     Edited by Nicholine Akou