Contributed by Emiliene Alemkeng

In life, you might often play and act roles meant for others in order to please people. You should however put in mind that, life is too short for you to keep trying to satisfy everyone. Just be yourself and do what makes you happy. You have to be aware that, no matter how much efforts you put in in pleasing others, it will be a waste of time because some people will never get satisfied.

Perhaps in your family everyone expects you to be a perfect person. You have the pressure to show the example of a person well brought up in a righteous way. All your life you have played this role and stayed unhappy because you cannot do what you like. Maybe you dream of being a great artist but you cannot because your family members will be disappointed in you so you have to abide to their expectations. This will only make you vulnerable and unhappy with yourself so you need to stop thinking of pleasing others and think of what you want and not what they expect of you. Your opinion about yourself should count first then accompanied by the advice and guidance of your close ones.

It could also happen that your boyfriend or fiancé causes you to act in his/her ways. But believe me, it is never a good idea to be who you are not for other’s happiness. Some men will want you to eat, behave like they wish and not bother about your own joy, so, it is left to you to impose what actually keeps you overwhelmed no matter the consequences.

As human, you will certainly have a lot of people surrounding you. Your friends, family members, neighbors and many others. If you are that type of person who does things just to please others not actually because they are convenient for you, then you will always be crying on your own. It is left to you to decide either to let people take you for granted or say no to some circumstances even if it does not suit others. Put in mind that people who appreciate you will never impose things on you ignoring your opinion nor caring how you feel about it.

                                                                                         Edited by Nicholine Akou