Contributed by Emiliene Alemkeng

Most bloggers often blog without paying attention to the rules that govern it. Neglecting these rules can cause a lot of damage to your blog and even go as far as leading to its shutting down. Every blogger is supposed to know and take into consideration the following blogging rules. If you follow these rules, I bet you, you will face no problem in making your money through your blog.

  1. Never plagiarize:
    You might have heard other bloggers talking about plagiarism but you don’t know what it is all about meanwhile you are supposed to. It is the act of copying someone’s idea without their acknowledgment and making them yours. In other words, it is stealing. Never plagiarize because if you do, the owner will report you and Google might likely shut your blog down. If you copy ones idea, mention the author to show that you are using his idea to support yours. Create your own brand and originality of thoughts so that people can equally learn from you by so doing, they advertise you.  
  2. Don’t stereotype:

You certainly don’t want to be known because of your stereotyping nature. It is never a great thing to judge people. Be objective on issues that concern people’s lives. Stereotyping is when you overgeneralize situations believing it is true for every individual. People have different preferences about different things so stay objective. As an activist for instance, your focus should be on inhuman actions, marginalization and others.

  • Choose captivating titles:

Never underestimate your article title. An article title is as important as the title of a novel, drama or poem. Make it snappy, captivating and explicit. Don’t go writing sentences for titles. Choose a title that will make your audience know what you will be talking about in the article as a whole. With this, your audience know immediately whether they need the content or not.

  • Make didactic and amusing articles:

Educative articles are amazing but when you fit in entertaining ideas, your audience will like to read and reread and even share to others.  In fact, it is the best way to attract traffic to your blog. Nobody likes to be bored so entertainment is always the best way to educate.

  • Create brief but explicit content:

When writing content, go straight to the point. Don’t bit about the bush. Remember that your reader was certainly doing something and needed more resources to understand better and achieve it. So if they don’t find something interesting in the first five lines, they will lose interest. Even if they find interest and it is not consistent, they will still lose interest in your blog. Keep in mind that you are not the only blogger writing on that topic. It is often advised to write at most five hundred words.

 They are a hundred of blogging rules but putting these five mentioned above into consideration, your blog will be most read. Who finds a blog without plagiarized content, no stereotyping but with captivating titles, didactic and amusing articles, brief and explicit content  will not come back to read?

                                                                                  Edited by Nicholine Akou