Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Summer holiday is the best occasion for you (parents) to bond with your children. This period is the longest, so, is the best opportunity to spend wonderful moments with your kids. Children are often excited about holidays but in a short time, they get bored. When you keep them busy, the holiday will all be fun. Here is a list of activities that will keep them entertained.

  1. Volunteer venture
  2. Visiting libraries
  3. Cooking and baking (teach them new recipes)
  4. Shopping
  5. Holiday day classes
  6. Go to cinema
  7. Beauty discoveries( for girls)
  8. Visiting the zoo
  9. Learn a trade
  10. Creativity (let them invent new things, so that it will be easy to identify their talent.)
  11. Keeping a summer holiday journal
  12. Designing
  13. Music club
  14. Home lecture (make them tell stories and guild them on public speaking)
  15. Sport (encourage them on different sport activities daily)
  16. Go on a picnic
  17. Swimming
  18. Travel to different cities
  19. Games ( eg. puzzles it helps to widen their imagination and makes them smart)
  20. Go fishing
  21. Painting
  22. Drawing
  23. Beach
  24. Take them to a range
  25. Sleepovers (At grannies, aunts, uncles and more)
  26. Gardening
  27. A tour around the city
  28. Driving (for those of age)
  29. Camping
  30. Skills training
  31. Hiking
  32. Discoveries ( visit mountains, museums and others)

                                                                                     Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng