Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Life has so many paths to get to its final destination. Some people are lucky to go through a smoother one while others need to climb mountains, hills and valleys just to get to the same destination. Where ever you find yourself, push forward and break the boundaries that keep holding you back. Fight on and not be a hindrance to your own success by giving up.

I know of people who have deliberately stayed on one spot for so many years and keep lamenting with “you don’t know my story”. Please everyone got a story to tell. Keep your story aside and work on beneficial things that will build your family and a better you.

Did your parents abandon you? Not send you to school or did nothing for your upbringing? It is not enough reason for you to keep wailing, you should rather be grateful that they brought you to this earth. Put in mind that there is never a good reason for hindering your own happiness.

Does your business keep failing? Don’t give up because it is part of your account of life. Keep on trying and trusting in God and things will certainly turn out well someday. It shouldn’t be the story that will stop you from growing and achieving greater things in life so break through those boundaries.

You might have been in several relationships and they all ended up in despair. My dear that should not stop you from hoping to find another one. Just because the previous ones have failed does not mean the rest will keep failing. Stop telling people you are single because of your past unpleasant experiences. Those past experiences should rather motivate you to prove the world wrong on where they have placed you.

So, the day you stop using “your story as a setback”, you will experience another dimension of life, where the path that seems to be rough and narrow, will definitely become smooth. All depends on how you want it to be. Please be the one to break the boundaries.

                                                                                              Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng