Contributed by: Emiliene Alemkeng

  • Entertainment:

The first thing I appreciate in a friend is that, he/ she should be entertaining and nice to be with. I will certainly not like someone who is boring because I really hate to be bored. He/she should be able to crack jokes with me, have interesting topics for us to talk about.

  • Overt and open minded:

That friend should be able to say his/ her mind, when, how and where she wishes. I believe in freedom of speech and I always say what I feel, so I wish my friend should equally express his/her feelings in order to create a perfect synergy. Too concealed people are not the ones I can share company with because I will end up unhappy and dissatisfied.

  • Sincerity

I appreciate friends who don’t blur things from me. It will be nice to have that friend who tells you the truth about you no matter how vicious it might seem so as to redirect you because I will certainly do same.

  • Serious when necessary

As I appreciate entertainment, it does not mean that friends should spend their entire time on fun and nothing else. I will like to have a friend who will be serious when necessary. I always like to take work or studies seriously when I get inspiration or when am in the mood to study so we should be able to encourage each other.

  • Support

Support is something I appreciate much in a friendship so I wish to have that friend that will share my view on supporting each other. When one is in trouble, the other should be able to support and see the other through just to make sure that, one person is not left alone.

                                                                                         Edited by: Nicholine Akou.