Contributed by Emiliene Alemkeng

As a blogger, we are often faced with blog post limitations. This is simply because we can’t remember everything so we just need some guidelines that will help us create our own ideas and not just plagiarise other people’s ideas. Below is a list of 32 blog post ideas that will build and pull traffic to your blog.

  1. Recipes
  2. Food conservation
  3. Various diets for different occasions (parties, business dinners, romantic diners etc)
  4. Nutritive meals for different age groups ( Babies, kids, teenagers adults)
  5. Coffee or tea, When, and why?
  6. Feeding counselling
  7. Weight loose nutritional tips
  8. Before and after exercise diets
  9. Weight loose lifestyle
  10. Weight gaining lifestyle
  11. Burn fat diets
  12. Healthy living tips
  13. Why should we live a healthy life?
  14. Effects of unhealthy living
  15. List of foods with excess calories
  16. List of foods with less calories
  17. Nutritional tips for athletes or body builders
  18. Grain foods and digestion issues
  19. Good kitchen hygiene
  20. List of the first five food and nutrition bloggers and why?
  21. List of the worse five food and nutrition bloggers and why?
  22. How to start a food and nutrition blog
  23. How to make money through food and nutrition blog
  24. Tips on naming a food and nutrition blog
  25. Your inspirations as a food and nutrition blogger
  26. Your challenges as a food and nutrition blogger
  27. How you manage your food and nutrition blog
  28. How you advertise your food and nutrition blog
  29. Food and nutrition targeted audience
  30. Ask a question for your audience to reply ( This helps you create a better relationship with your followers)
  31. Throw a comic meme for your audience
  32. Your blogging routine ( Be realistic, remember no one is perfect)

 The above will guide you make your blog post. While reading, be open minded and expatiate the topics to many other ideas. Your opinions and demands are welcomed in the comment section below. Also subscribes for more.

Edited by Nicholine Akou