Contributed by Emiliene Alemkeng  

Are you a beginner and wondering what niche to choose for your blog in order to make money? First, when you are going for niche a preference, it means you will concentrate on a particular domain or field than generalising on every ideas that cross your mind. Choosing a blog niche is very crucial because you will have to stick to it till the end. You then need to choose it carefully making sure you are comfortable and educated enough on that domain. The following are the first five blogging niches which attract a lot of traffic and are profitable.

Making Money Online

Virtual money making is the most popular niche because a lot of people are very interested in making money online including you and I. People research daily on how to make money from home. The topic is expatiated enough varying from blogging, financial technology (Fintech), online investment, foreign exchange (forex), frugal living, freelance writing and more leaving you with varieties of topics to explore like;

_ How to make money through blogging

_How Affiliate market works

_How google AdSense operates and much more. 

Fashion and Beauty

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Fashion and beauty also sell round the clock. People are always interested in looking good and nice. This niche is also very vast with lots of trending ideas that will accompany you through. You just need to get engaged in the new vogues, showcase them, give advantages and shortcomings, guide on how to use and preserve, pricing and much more. Beauty and fashion permit you to give beauty tips to your audience. It should however be noted that it is a very crucial niche because the least mistake or wrong tip will lead to chaos so be sure to have experience in this domain.


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Parenting niche is very popular because of its demand. Every parent faces one or two challenges daily on their newborn, kids or teenagers. This niche is essentially meant to guide people on challenges they face as parents. Some blog post ideas include, keeping the child save from the internet, skin care, managing parent rage and others. This niche also requires that you should be experienced and well educated on parenting counselling. This also pays quickly through online courses, e-books and others.

Health and Fitness:

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Everyone is always concerned in living healthily which is the main reason why Health and fitness niche is outstanding. People are always preoccupied with what and when to eat, how to lose weight, body building, maintenance and more. This niche is always trending and you will never lack ideas to develop on. You will make a lot of money out of it through advertisement, online courses, coaching and others.


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Everybody has a lifestyle but some are more interesting than others. The truth is that, people are eager to change theirs for better. It is crazy how people are interested in the lifestyles of celebrities. Lifestyle niche is very easy as you just need to check on what is trending or daily activities and talk about. People are always interested in new updates around to be informed so a lifestyle niche will attract traffic to your blog easily and consequently given an income.

As mentioned above, these are the first five niches I consider best. Leave a comment and subscribe in order to get the last five niches like designing and décor, food and nutrition and others that I consider as traffic jam and income savages.

                                                                                         Edited by Nicholine Akou