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The prime motive of every blogger is to make money. Blogging which seems to be the easiest means of income in this digital age, pulls us to go in for it. It is important to note that in order for you to make this money, you have to be careful not to get into illegal methods. It is advisable for you to first create substantial traffic through outstanding and captivating content. Out of the numerous ways, a few are examine below.  

Blog ads:

The fastest and easiest means of monetising your blog is through Google AdSense. This is because you will not have any direct contact with the advertiser. All you need is place a Banner on your site and google will choose the ads that suit your content. Joining blog ads is free, has a variety of ad options, possibility of running ad on several websites using same AdSense account and is free from online scamming. It is of two categories;

_CPC Ads (Cost pay per click): When the CPC Ads are placed on your site, you get a payment each time a reader clicks on it. It often ranges from 1$ per click depending on the product. This method is very effective only when you have enough traffic. 

_CPM Ads (Cost per 1,000 impressions): Like its name, it is a stable payment done depending on the number of people that view the ad. 

 Affiliate links:

With Affiliate Links marketing, you are given a commission whenever a product is purchased through your site. The advertiser often gives you a sole link which tracks your affiliate code in order to know when a buyer is coming from your site. For each client you bring, you are given a percentage you agreed upon. This method is very familiar to everyone because we encounter the same method daily in our communities as marketing strategies. This is very effective most especially with good traffic due to the fact that you encourage your readers to purchase the products. You could also encourage them through your email list where as you send your subscribers emails advertising the product. Some promising affiliate customers include, click bank, amazon associates and much more.


As a publisher, you can write and publish online books for your readers. Publishing is a branch on its own but you can still use it to your advantage as a blogger in order to make some money. Make e-books depending on your audience’s taste and they will certainly buy them. You can make e-books on niches like parenting guides, food recipes, tutorials and more. You could also offer online courses. If you have the least of doubt, don’t go for this because you will be destroying your career as a blogger and also as a writer. Also note that you must never plagiarise, search for your own ideas and test them before. 


You might never have advertisers till your blog is at least a year old with enough traffic. Once you have a lot of followers, advertisers will come for your blog and you might not necessary need to advertise your blog since your numerous followers will be outstanding. That way, you will monetise your blog because customers will pay you to advertise their products on your blog. You could also make some cash by offering reviews, writing for products and sponsoring the posts.

Freelance services:

You are a writer so you can offer your skills for content writing. Advertise the services you can offer in your blog and your audience will pay for them. Freelancing is working for someone from home on topics like content writing, photography, designing, translation and others. You bit the price of your service and the time rate with your costumer and get paid when the job is done. The advantage is that your audience are familiar with your content and know your capability and what you can offer. So once you notify them you can work from wherever you are, they contact you with no doubts.

The above are some of the easiest and fastest means to make money online in 2019. Other methods will be elaborated as soon as possible. Leave a comment, subscribe and be sure to get the next set of ways to monetise your blog.

                                                                                  Edited by Nicholine Akou.

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