Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Preparing for an examination is one of the most difficult tasks in the lives of students. All students desire to succeed in their exams but some don’t know what it takes to do so. Preparing for an exam begins the very first day you decided to be a member of the literate group because passing your exams is a mark of your literacy. All what you need is to follow the few guild lines below.

The first notes you get: Start studying the first notes you got from class and make summaries. Draft questions related to the topic you have just studied and ask questions to your teacher on areas that you didn’t understand. This will help you to master them well and keep you reminded because these first notes are always easy to forget of which they are not supposed to be neglected.

Create a study time table: Create a time table that enables you to go through every subjects at least three times a week. This will help you not to focus only on the subjects that you are comfortable with. It is even preferable you give more time to subjects you are facing challenges with so you can work your challenges over.

Choose an environment suitable for you to study: Some people prefer to study in a noisy environment while others prefer to study in a quite atmosphere. Choose what is suitable for you and make sure you remove all the necessary things that can distract you from studying.

Use past questions to study: As you are studying, always go along with past questions for they will help you to test yourself. After reading, attempt to answer the questions and give them to your teacher to correct and give you the guidelines on how to go about the ones that you did not interpret correctly or were shallow in.

Create study groups: This is the best forum where you can share your ideas. Learn to explain to your friends what you have understood on various topics because you might be staying quiet with wrong information. A study group will help you get different ideas that will make your work richer.

Take bananas and a glass of water:  Studies have shown that eating bananas while studying makes you alert and taking it alongside with a glass of water makes you smarter and boost your energy. So it is always advisable to eat a banana and drink a glass of water before studying.

Sleep early at the eve of the exam: At the eve of any exam, always make sure you go to bed early and set an alarm to wake you up early too so that you will be in the exam hall on time.  While at the exam hall, do not rush, take time and go through all the questions. Select the ones that you know best and make a plan on a rough sheet provided by the examiners before you start writing.

Pray: Above all pray always for God to give you a retentive memory as you study. Trust Him for your success and it shall be  granted you.

The above mentioned points are just few guides out of the abundant guidelines we have. But just following these few will enable you to make it in your exam.

                                                                                 Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng