Contributed by: Emiliene Alemkeng  

Success is something which every individual desires to attain. Some people work so hard and get stuck at a certain level due to the fact that they are unable to manage their lives and resources together. The best way to succeed is for you to be able to manage your resources effectively and seeking efficient means to better your future. When you are conscious about the things you need to do, it will be easy for you to meet up with your dreams.  The strategies below can guide you to be successful.


The very first thing you need to do is to be committed in everything that can lead you to success. For you cannot sit and daydream of being a successful person without being devoted in what you do because the things that you are zealous about are the things which give you assurance that you are heading to success. Whether you like it or not, commitment is the key element that will enable you to achieve your dreams.

Surround yourself with successful people:

The saying ‘Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are’ does not limit itself on our traits, rather it expands to our goals in life. If you surround yourself with successful people, for sure you will learn one or two things that will help you grow. You could even associate and work together with them if they share your dreams. Just as Marc Zukerberg puts it “No one does it alone”. As such, it will be better if you associate yourself with successful people who can motivate you.

Be passionate:

If you don’t find what you do interesting, then it will be hard for you to live up to it. Doing something over and over can be very monotonous and you can only drive the monotony away if and only if you are passionate with that thing. The love and urge for your job should be very outstanding and you will find it funky and that will equally motivate you to work harder.


You have to be persistent because obstacles will always come up. Look at Opra Winfrey, Samuel Eto’o, and others, had they given up along the way, they won’t be where they are today.  Those people equally had challenges but they were able to persist and defeat them. Never give up on your dreams because of some hindrances. Besides, nothing good comes easy so the fact that it’s hard getting there, should only prove to you that what awaits you is great.

The above points are some guidelines you need to follow and put in practice if you want to be a successful person.  Are you a writer, journalist, musician, actor, teacher or what I have not mentioned, the above strategies go for it all.  What you are doing and striving at, let me assure you that success awaits you.

                                                                                        Edited by Nicholine Akou.

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