Contributed by Emiliene Alemkeng

 In this twenty first century, some parents still find it difficult to openly discuss sexual matters with their children. Some just scare them away from the subject matter and avoid it as much as possible. Some parents don’t talk with their children correctly on the subject especially African parents. They rather frighten their kids instead of advising them. A parent will tell her female child, ‘If a man ever sees your nakedness, you will get pregnant’, ‘If a man touches your pants, you will get pregnant”.

All this is not necessary because no matter how much you scare children, they will one day get into sexual activity. In fact, the more you scare them, the more curios they become and might even go on the wrong path which would have been avoided if proper education was given them so they get acquainted with it when the time comes. Parents have to put in mind that, we are in the twenty first century, an era of technological advancement, curiosity with the availability of various tools of communication that propagate both the wrong and the good information on sex education.  It is their duty to make sure that their children don’t get the wrong education and the only solution is by giving them the good one.

In some cases, parents wish and have the desire to have the necessary conversation with their children but don’t know how to start. There are many ways in which parents can get in to the sex talk with their children without necessarily being ashamed or embarrassed. You can begin the conversation when they are watching their best series. Just get interested in it and wait for a sexual scene and use it as an example in order to advise them. You can also pass through their best friends when they are together. You certainly know what they are talking about because you have once been a teenager so look for a means to join their conversation and educate them. 

                                                                               Edited Nicholine Akou