Contributed by Emiliene Alemkeng

In most societies, the differences between private and public schools are so obvious with serious gaps. Private educational system are non -governmental institutions that are controlled and manage by a group of people or an individual .whereas, Public educational system are governmental institutions which are manage and controlled by the government. These two categories of institutions are meant for same purpose which is the education of the citizens but they however contrast each other in terms of infrastructure, performance and others.

  1. Private schools in Cameroon are characterised by better infrastructure and school facilities compared to the public schools. In the private institutions, the proprietor will put in place facilities like computers, good class rooms,  chairs and well-equipped libraries so as to attract students/pupils, parents and guardians meanwhile the public schools remains a laiser faire institute.
  2. Private institutions in Cameroon are also more costly than the public ones. Due to the facilities, infrastructures and competent workers, the institutions put in place high fees so as to recover their expenses as well as make enough profit. The public institutions on the other hand have affordable fees since the main objective is to ensure the education of citizens without necessarily making profit.
  3. The teaching is always very effective in private institutions because teachers are paid with respect to their output and dismissal awaits those with poor performance. In the public schools, some teachers except the conscious ones do not put much effort in teaching to the understanding of the students due to laiser faire and lack of firmness.
  4. It is very remarkable that most students from public institutions perform better in the job market than those from the private. This is because they are capable of enduring and working hard to achieve their objectives rather than those from the private institutions who are use to lazying around and having their school work done for them in the comfort of their facilities.                                                                                             

                                                                                                Edited by Nicholine Akou